Bernal Heights

At Noe Valley Family Childcare we go out into the community every day. We access public transport (Muni 24 and J Church), walk and hike to the following parks and playgrounds:

Coleridge Street Mini Park

  • Upper Noe Rec Center
  • Coleridge Park
  • Noe Courts Playground
  • Bernal Heights Library Playground
  • Holly Park
  • St Mary’s Park
  • Walter Haas Playground
  • Duboce Playground
  • Eureka Valley Rec Center
  • Balboa Park Playground
  • Noe Valley Town Square Playground
  • Precita Park
  • Glen Park Canyon
  • Esmerelda Slide
  • Bernal Heights Labyrinth

Esmerelda Slide

Billy Goat Hill

Holly Park

Walter Haas Playground

Precita Park