• Our program is for children aged 2 and up. Children typically graduate in the year they turn 4.
  • We tour in December, January and February for fall enrollments (in the year they turn 2). Spaces are offered in March.
  • We provide copies of our application form during tours. There is a $50 fee to apply.
  • We require a full year enrollment commitment (September through August) with the option for some earlier commencement dates should they become available in Summer.
  • NVFC is a year-round program with the exception of major public holidays and three scheduled closures during Spring (1 week), Summer (2 weeks) and Winter (1 week). Our closure schedule is aligned with the San Francisco Unified School District calendar. Tuition is not reduced by scheduled closures.
  • Children graduate from NVFC to a number of neighborhood preschools; our sister school is Slanted and Enchanted Preschool http://slantedenchanted.com
  • List of Preschools in the Neighborhood 2019