Our Team

Our staff are an eclectic group of adults with a diverse age range. They all contribute something unique towards our program – whether it’s cooking, singing, crafting or leading a special circle time. Staff are carefully chosen for their intrinsic affinity for early childhood learning.

We value the importance of a male presence in our program since early childhood is often a field dominated by women. We speak a variety of languages and represent many different countries; Bulgaria, El Salvador and Ireland are amongst our team.

We strive to create a cohesive group of core adults who will nurture and guide your child towards fostering independence.

Kelly Forde

Kelly Forde

Kelly grew up in South Africa where she attended Hotel School and learned to be a Pastry Chef. Following graduation, she travelled extensively and met her Irish husband in Indonesia. 20 years later - she’s still in San Francisco. Kelly and her husband Conor are raising 3 children in the city they love.

She started Kelly’s Family Daycare (now Noe Valley Family Childcare) 12 years ago when she looked for a program for her then 2 year old son. She couldn’t find one she really loved, so she started her own.

Kelly finds great joy in cooking and preparing meals for toddlers and loves to frequent farmer’s markets. She is passionate about food justice, the outdoors, education and the wonder of early childhood. Her hobbies include reading, listening to NPR and traveling. Kelly’s goal as an early childhood educator is to create a community where children can thrive in a rich environment of good food, fresh air, engaging activities and empathetic teachers.

Tara Richter

Tara Richter

Tara completed her Bachelor of Social Work Degree in 2001 and worked for the Department of Human Services, for the Victorian State Government (Australia) in Child Protection and Disability Services. She worked with children and their families in both of these roles and thoroughly enjoyed the aspects of human psychology, child development and seeing children thrive when given appropriate supports.

Moving to San Francisco in 2008 required a review of her career direction and when offered a position as full time nanny to a family of two children under the age of 5 she accepted the role as a chance to try something new whilst still applying aspects of the training in systems and psychology she had gleaned as a Social Worker.

Tara began working as a teacher at Noe Valley Family Childcare (then known as Kelly’s Family Daycare) in 2010 and has loved being part of a fantastic team environment and working with children in a group setting.

Her interests include reading, singing, playing violin, and listening to music - interests that she particular enjoys sharing with the children during circle time and throughout the day whenever opportunities arise.

Alice Guillen

Alice Guillen

Alice Guillen was born and raised in San Francisco. She graduated from Balboa Park High School and is currently attending City College of San Francisco where she intends to major in Child Development.

Alice has been working with and taking care of children throughout her life, which has inspired her to work in a preschool setting.

Her interests include; spending time with her immediate and extended family, walking her dog (Bella) and going to the movies.